For all of those that have been waiting for the details of the new Fuxion Pro-Lev Plan, your ticket is now stamped!

Press Release (4/6/2018)

Lima, Peru: After two years in the United States market, Fuxion Biotech forces change into the Network Marketing Industry based on a compensation plan that is based on the concept of “Progressive Leverage”!

Details to the new Fuxion Pro-Lev plan have been released to the public and many experts, including Network Marketing Professional, Ben Mueller, believe this will be the final piece of the puzzle in bringing Fuxion Biotech, the largest Wellness company in Latin America, to a billion dollar Company! It is already in the top 5% of all Network Marketing companies in terms of annual revenue (>$100 million USD), so this is the next logical step.

“I was one of the original Network Marketers in Fuxion U.S., #21 actually. We have all been part of molding this Company into a 1st world giant and the time has finally come to realize the fruits! This compensation plan focuses on customer acquisition and helping one's team develop through the Fuxion ranks. We know we have the; products, price points, leadership, duplicable system, marketing tools, and the absolute perfect timing. Fuxion will create abundance for many, many people, in the next 5 years!”
-Ben Mueller

Sounds like there are very good reasons to look into this Company further. We know, for a fact, that Fuxion has brought health and “a way out” for over 400,000 people in Latin America alone. It will be interesting to see what Fuxion can do in the rest of the world.

The Company is now ready for the international growth it has always had its sights set on. The first thing that needed to happen though, was for Fuxion to transition from an underdeveloped Network Marketing Company to an entity that can truly compete in all areas of the world.

The new Fuxion Pro-Lev plan does just that.

Before we lead you to the Pro-Lev plan details, we did want to mention that Fuxion has a “Transition Bonus”, that will be available for anyone that has joined the Company before 4/10/18.

This means that all Members that are able to take advantage of this Bonus, will have lifetime 20% off their product purchases (going away in new plan). Secondly, during the transition period, it will be easier to hit the Fuxion ranks. These are 2 major advantages/incentives.

Fuxion Pro-Lev Plan Details:

Pro-Lev Overview

Pro-Lev Detailed Compensation Plan

Fuxion Website

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