There are 4 strategies to avoid back surgery, that I use, to ensure that I will never have to go under the knife again! In the video below, and article, I detail out, exactly what I do, to maintain a healthy back. I am hoping that this can help other sufferers of back problems!

You don't really realize how important your back is, until you don't have a healthy one. Back issues like Degenerative Disc Syndrome and Spinal Stenosis, can make one's quality of life, a living hell! The consistent pain, nerve shots down the leg, muscle cramping, and inability to truly live life…truly sucks.

With our medical system, the way it is, the most popular way to go about fixing back problems, is the “band-aid approach”, or rather, back surgery! Remember, our health “care” industry is all about maximizing profit, and not necessarily, finding solutions to truly help the person. So, if you really want help, then you will have to take your back health, into your own hands.

With that said, sometimes back surgery is the best option. After 5 back surgeries myself, they all helped, but eventually lead to another surgery. On October 9th, 2015, I underwent my last back surgery and came to the conclusion, after 3 weeks of suffering AGAIN, that I would NEVER go under the knife again!

These are the 4 strategies to avoid back surgery, that I use on a daily basis that, knock on wood, has allowed me to be PAIN FREE and create a healthy environment for my back to live in;

HYDRATE! Disc health depends a lot upon your hydration levels

– Hang upside down on an inversion table

– YOGA! Become a grateful Yogee and introduce stretching that your back has never felt before

– Get rid of that extra weight! For every 10 pounds, it is like an extra 100 pounds for your back

4 Strategies to Avoid Back Surgery:


Hydration is a key to a healthy back! What are those little soft, gel like substances in between the vertebrae? They are called Discs. And when our Discs become dehydrated, they become brittle and weak. Once a Disc is weakened (Degenerative Disc Syndrome), all sorts of back problems can appear. Bulging Discs, Herniated Discs, and Pinched Nerves, are just a few of the problems that can exist.

If you have ever had Sciatic Nerve pain, you know the absolute terrifying pain that comes with it. Basically, when a Bulging or Herniated Disc is pushing on the Spinal Cord, it can shoot nerve pain all the way to the foot. This was my experience in my second back surgery, where the L5-S1 Disc was blown apart and I ended up having to have emergency back surgery because I couldn't walk. Horrible experience and I suggest avoiding Back Fusions at all costs!

Back to the strategy; in order to help your discs, you need to be hydrated! Unfortunately, the tap water (and bottled water), we drink these days, is so full of chemicals, that the actual molecule size, of the water, has increased to a point where our bodies can not absorb it as efficiently. Statistics say that we only absorb 70-80% of the water we drink. That is an issues in more ways than one!

My solution was to go out and buy an Enagec Kangen Water Machine! They are expensive units, BUT, are well worth the money. Watch the video above to understand why!

All points lead to this; hydrate yourself way more than you do and this can help your back discs stay healthy!


Yes! This is where you hang upside down! You can go to a Chiropractor and pay, however much, each time you want to do a treatment, or, just go out and buy an inversion table!

The purpose of an inversion table, is to create disc space! Remember, our discs, for those of us with bad backs, can be brittle and weak due to the fact that they aren't hydrated! If we are providing our bodies with enough water, we still have to deal with the fact that our discs our, possibly, stuck to the bottom and top side of the vertebrae. This prevents hydration from getting into the discs.

The inversion table helps to create the space needed to allow the hydration to flow into the discs!


YES Yoga! I know, I know, as a man, I was a bit uncomfortable my first few times, but tellin' ya, it was one of the best moves I have ever made, concerning my overall health. Not only has my blood pressure went from 150/100 to 120/80, but I have detoxified my body so much, that I feel as clean as a whistle! More importantly, it has helped strengthen my back and create flexibility that I have never experienced before.

Listen, there are many different forms of Yoga that you can find within a few miles of your house. Yoga studios are popping up all over the place! For me though, I do Hot Yoga and Hot Vinyasa, where we do the Yoga poses in a heated room. This incorporates heat therapy which helps to force toxins out and creates an environment for maximal flexibility!

Swallow your pride and get your butt to a Yoga session. It is probably, my #1 strategy for avoiding back surgery!


I was fat! Playing football through college allowed me to bring my weight up to near 300 pounds (when I am only 5′ 11″)! Yes, there was a lot of muscle mass, but also a pretty hefty belly. Now, at 45 years old, I realize that I carried that weight for many years, mainly because of Ego! I wanted to maintain this muscle mass of a 22 year old, even into my 40s…this obviously can create issues for the back!

In January of 2016, 3 months after my back surgery, I decided to lose the mass! I found two products to increase fat burning, started manipulating my carbohydrate consumption, and had Yoga. The 3 combined helped me lose 55 pounds (from 290 to 235) and brought my fat percentage from 25% to 12% over the course of a year.

Carbohydrate manipulation? Watch the video above for details, but basically I only eat complex carbs, once per day, which means my body is burning fat, for a good part of the day!

In terms of the products; I found a Company that sells 100% natural (no preservatives, no GMO, no Gluten), just pure herbal extracts that are powerful fat burners and pro-biotics, at great prices;

Flora Liv: This product has 10 billion spores of good bacteria, per serving! If your gut is gunked up with bad bacteria, it is VERY difficult to burn fat!

Thermo T3: Is a combination of 3 powerful fat burners…get it in you!

These two products are right at $100 per month (30 day money back guarantee), so below market equivalents in price, but way above others in terms of quality. If you would like to purchase these products, visit the Fuxion website and click “Buy”. Select your products and check out. They were and are staples of continuing to keep the weight off!

There they are…the 4 strategies to avoid back surgery. Now, remember, I am NOT a doctor, so make sure you are being looked at by one, but also remember that you want to do everything in your power to avoid a back surgery. Only 50% of the surgeries are “successful” and taking a more natural approach to back health can be much more effective and long lasting!

If you would like to learn more about natural health in general, visit The Balance You Need and soak up the information!

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