In this Fuxion video, by one of Fuxion's United States leaders, Paul Devlin, nails it, as to why the Fuxion products are so superior to every other beverage company, in the United States and Latin American market. Fuxion has already proven this, in 20+ countries in Latin America, as they are the largest Wellness Company in Latin America!

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have heard it before; ‘this or that product is the best!'. Blah, blah, blah, right?

Tune in…I have been doing this Network Marketing thing, for a long time. It does, no one, any good, to BS people. We are inundated with advertising, every where we look. With that said, my goal has always been to simply; give you my experience, and try to help, as many people as possible, with the products I align with.

In this Fuxion products video, Paul goes through 27 reasons why the Fuxion beverages are so powerful. Not only why these products are so essential to better health, but the overall arching reasons, these products have dominated in Latin America, and soon to be, the rest of the world.

Fuxion Product are supoerior to all other products

Few examples of why Fuxion products are superior:

*Do you realize how many carbohydrates (sugar) the average person is consuming through their daily beverage diet?

The average person consumes 19.5 teaspoons of sugar, from beverages, per day! We are supposed to be at around 8-9 teaspoons per day. Are you kidding me? And that is just our beverage intake!

Secondly, don't give me the “well I drink ‘diet' soda”! No, no, and a big fat NO! If you aren't aware of the dangers of these poisons, then please read up on how artificial sweeteners kill us, slowly but surely!

Lastly, here is a great article “The negative effects of sugar” by Helen Sanders, the main editor over at Health

Enter Fuxion products. Not only will these beverages provide our bodies with more nutrition than they have ever experienced before, but they taste fantastic. Each and every one has been an amazing experience for my tongue. Seriously, el sabor es extraordinary!

Oh yeah, and what do you think happens to those pants that are so snug you hate wearing them? Um, you guessed it…

All this is done WITHOUT sugar or artificial sweeteners, but rather, the natural tastes of the plants the Fuxion products are made up of. Then, with a little Stevia introduced to the beverage, the combination creates something your taste buds have never had the pleasure of.

*The amount of carbon footprint that, we as consumers, create on this Planet, is unbelievably unhealthy for our world we all live in!

In terms of beverage consumption, the vast majority of drinks, that we are consuming, are made of liquid. This weight alone, of trafficking these liquids all over the world, pollutes our earth significantly.

Essentially, the Fuxion products have an direct effect on reducing this pollution. Why, because the products are powder (through a 20 year patented process that cold processes the ingredients). And, as the Fuxion product line continues to expand throughout the world, this effect will only grow exponentially (kinda like our businesses:)!

These are only two simple examples, and there are 25 more waiting for you in the following Fuxion video. Check it out and ask yourself, does this make sense? I can guarantee you, it will!

The above video just showed you, fact by fact, as to why the Fuxion products are superior to all other beverages on the market. Now, it is time to make a decision; “Do I continue to ingest things that will eventually deteriorate my health, or do I make a change in my drinking behaviors?”.

Again, here's the deal; YES, I am a Network Marketer. Therefore, I generate revenue from the consumption of Fuxion products. But more than a Network Marketer, I am a human being that loves to be of service.

I learned a long time ago, that, in order to generate wealth (happiness, joy, financial, etc), those that are able to, are the ones that HELP the most people. I learned that simply shifting my focus to bringing value to others, is what aligns with who I am.

So, from a person that has had these products, literally change my life (see vid below), from one human being to another, take a good look at what these Fuxion products have to offer.

The whole intent of Alvaro Zuniga (Owner and Creator of Fuxion), was to create a Movement. A Movement that could have a large scale impact on our Planet. Not only by bringing nutrient giving plants to our bodies, but to affect the Planet's environmental system in a positive way!

If you would like to learn more about the Fuxion products, visit my Fuxion website!

Here's to OUR health!

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