My question, for many years, has been; “Why am I here”. Now, this was not a negative thing, it was simply wondering if, the way I was living life, was really how this is all designed to be…

You see, I grew up in a family where, money was hard to come by. The amount of problems and fights it caused, is more than I care to remember. All I knew, is that I didn't want the same thing happening with my family, one day.

Guess what, yup, you got it, that is what happened. It actually wasn't from a lack of money, it was from the amount of effort I needed to put in, to create that money. Otherwise known as, trading time for money, or, better yet, insanity. Or, I became a workaholic.

I have 5 children, in my life, and a wonderful wife, that I have been blessed with. Unfortunately, the first several years of the kids' lives, and my marriage, was spent in this constant drive to not have the problem, I had, as a kid. Again, what happened, was I created a similar situation, all revolving around money.

So, why am I here?

To “push love” to my family, friends, and anyone else, on this planet, that is open to receiving it.

I actually knew, a long time ago, what I was ultimately meant to do, which was to affect many people, in a very positive way. But until I became older, and wiser, did I start to realize that, the way I was doing it, was completely defeating who was designed to be.

Take a sincere look at the following video which will explain why, residual income, can be such a life changer…then ask yourself; “Why am I here?”.

If you could find a situation, where you could create a residual asset, say, in the next 5 years, would you trade it for the 40 year plan that leads you nowhere?

As I talked about in the video, if you want more significance and purpose, in your life, besides working your tail off for decades to come, then, at least, look further into creating a residual asset.

Just make sure you truly investigate what you are getting into. There are a lot of good companies out there, but a lot of ones I wouldn't touch. If you'd like, check out the 29 point criteria we used, to find Fuxion.

Here's to your success!


The Balance You Need