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I am putting together a blog post today to talk about one of my favorite FuXion drinks, Vitaenergía Xtra T.  I have to start out by teling you this drink is amazing, it starts with the awesome flavor and then within minutes of drinking it you begin to feel it's effect. The easiest way to describe the feeling. “It makes you feel good!”, You feel relaxed as well as complete calm energy not some caffiene infused rush that has you bouncing off the walls only to come crashing down later.

I have been drinking Vitaenergía Xtra T regularly since December 2015 and I wish I would have discovered it sooner. Because of this drink and the other functional beverages from FuXion I have completely stopped drinking sodas (Coca~Cola) , and Coffee. That means No more sugar from coke, No more strong caffienated coffee for almost 6 months now.fuxionusa-dtb

Let me know if this might be similar to your situation…

I used to stop at the gas station each morning and grab a 24oz cup of coffee for $1.60 and then when I arrived at my office I would make a 10 cup pot of coffee and I would drink coffee until it was gone, then I would switch to coca~cola for the rest of the day. When I sit back and reflect on my past diet I cannot believe I wasn't sick more often. I did however, have a stomach that was not happy very often. I had frequent heartburn, an upset stomach, and even though I was working out every day I could not get rid of my sugar gut, you know the spare tire?

Now rewind to December 2015, My good friend Ben Mueller, along with a group of successful and experienced Network Marketing Professionals including Dr. Bill Fioretti (Founder of Mannatech), Paul Devlin, and 4 other Nutritionists, analyzed over 100 prominent nutritional Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies in the United States to learn “What is the best opportunity available for us to join?”

Methodically, this group of professionals focused on each of the MLM companies using a 29-point criteria for evaluation. This process yielded just 20 U.S. companies that met the criteria. Then, Randy Gage weighed in and suggested that the group look south to Peru, where a newly emerging giant Network Marketing success story, a company named Fuxion, was making a huge impact on the lives of people in Latin and South America.

The fact of the matter is; the Fuxion business model was able to truly show this team, that it had all the tangibles and intangibles, that an Network Marketing company needs to have, in order to achieve success for ALL those involved. And the products well they are nothing short of INCREDIBLE! 

What about the Fuxion products?  As you will see in the Fuxion product catalog, these natural products are made from some of the most potent herbal extracts in the world! Over 1,500 natural ingredients are processed through several patented delivery methods, all of which are produced from the heart of the Earth (Amazon Rainforest), these products can be a solid addition to your nutrition strategy and, at price points that aren’t going to break the bank (see Fuxion product price list)!

The concept is simple! Replace the products people are already using instead of trying to force people to completely change their behaviors, at prices they can’t afford


Okay, back to Vitaenergía Xtra T 🙂

Tiredness or exhaustion are common for most people. We all know the feeling of being tired, weak or exhausted. This is usually temporary and caused by a lack of sleep, a stressful day at work, an exhausting trip, an intense situation, or excessive exercise.

Constant tiredness can trigger chronic fatigue syndrome, complicating our health. We reinforce too many bad habits, and we do not realize the damage that we cause our body and mind due to lack of rest, poor diet, and low intake of fluids and nutrients the body needs to be healthy.

Our body needs energy to operate, no matter if we are asleep or awake. Imagine a situation where our mind has to concentrate under pressure or in a stressful situation. You burn energy and you are not even aware of it. All of the activities that we carry out every require energy.

So often we get energy from less than ideal places, like fast food. These sources do not help us as well in the long run as more nutritional alternatives.

In FuXion, we care about True Health and that is why we recommend you to try our cool chicha purple corn flavored drink. As well as being an energetic antioxidant and multivitamin, it may contribute to significantly raise your level of energy and keep your mind awake. You will find all of this in our product Vitaenergia Xtra T. It gives you the necessary energy for your day.


So now you know, get energized with Vitaenergía Xtra T!



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