If you are the type of person that believes in TIMING of events, which can direct your life in a certain direction, then join FuXion during prelaunch! In the paragraphs below, we will describe exactly what you need to do in order to join FuXion during its entrance into the United States…

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As many of you know, we have been researching Network Marketing companies for a few months now and our group has analyzed over 100 companies out there in the market. After looking at the FACTS, we determined that FuXion, is, by far, our best bet for long term residual income in Network Marketing. Not only did all the 29 point analysis check out for FuXion, but this Company STARTED in Latin America and, over the course of the last 8 years, has create an annual revenue of over $150 million. When most Network Marketing companies never get to $100 million, FuXion did it without the largest Network Marketing country in the world, the United States. If you visit the links above, you will understand exactly why we chose to join FuXion during prelaunch and why we believe, this could very well be, the fastest growing Network Marketing company that the United States has ever seen! ¡También tenga en cuenta que Fuxion se encuentra actualmente en 11 países de América Latina. También puede aprender más de este artículo y el video abajo. Si a usted le gustaría aprender más acerca de esto, en español , por favor llámeme al 866-992-5551 !

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  • Go to FuXion sign up page and click “Join”
  • Select Country, click “Continue”
  • Click “Add to Order” $0, then “Continue”
  • Select your products! You can go to The Balance You Need's FuXion Product Page and determine which products you would like. Remember, you can create a position at the top of the United States tree with, at a minimum, 20 points. If you want to maximize your return, sign up with 60 points. After you know what you want, go back to where you left off on the FuXion sign up page and select your products (Note: If a product is not there, it is on back order. With so many people coming in, the Company is ramping up production)
  • Go through the check out process. Remember, your “Username” is what your /YourURL will be.
  • Make sure to go to www.xtribeonline.com and sign up for the team’s newsletter.
  • Contact The Balance You Need at 866-992-5551 to start off right!
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Here's the main point; JOIN FUXION NOW! Do not wait until it has thoroughly broken into the United States market! These are the types of situations that can truly provide a lot of income quickly because of the momentum that the company has as it enters the market!

We are an experienced team of Professional Network Marketers with, literally, over 100 years of experience in this Industry, as a team. Which means that you will be learning from some of the best the Network Marketing Industry has to offer!

We have given you the steps on how to join FuXion during prelaunch, the rest is left up to you…are you going to let this slip through your hands or grab onto it and fly with us?

If you would like to talk to Ben Mueller (Network Marketing Professional) directly, feel free to call him at 866-992-5551 tell him Travis sent you!

Disclaimer: Income in Network Marketing is directly proportional to your effort. The Network Marketing model works, it is the people and company that are the variables.

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