Fuxion Biotech, has come in to the United Stated, and has made an amazing impact already, in our culture! To understand where Fuxion is going, you have to understand, where we have been! This Fuxion Biotech review, will give you the reasons, based on facts, why Fuxion will be a top MLM in the world. We are already at #85, out of 10,000 companies worldwide, so hang on to your seats and watch, better yet, join this ride!


Below, is my email to prospects that have contacted me about Fuxion, over the course of the last year, and I thought I would use it as a Fuxion Biotech review, as it hits on all major points;

Hello everyone!

I wanted to give you a bit of an overview of how Fuxion Biotech has performed in its 1st year of operations, in the United States, so read this bad boy, all the way through!

As I mention at the end, I wouldn’t want you to regret, what is about to happen with Fuxion during 2017! We are at an even better situation, than we were when Fuxion launched in May of 2016, and it is time to take advantage of it!

My goal, today, is to give you a HEADS UP as to what will happen with the Fuxion business, over the course of 2017, so that you can make an informed decision on what you would like to do.

Fuxion Biotech U.S. History:

The 1st year, with Fuxion Biotech, has been solid growth! The Company went from $112 million in 2015, to $135 million in 2016, which is great growth for a Network Marketing company. Furthermore, Fuxion has been slotted at #85, in the WORLD (out of 10,000 companies). That is great news!

When Fuxion entered the United States, it was a LATIN AMERICAN Company, meaning that they had little exposure to how Fuxion would operate in the U.S. Based on Randy Gage’s recommendations, instead of trying to have everything perfect, when launching into the U.S., the goal was to launch, and then adapt to the U.S. Market, and they have done just that!

Very rarely, do we find a Network Marketing company that is willing to make the necessary changes, in order to further growth. It is like they are content with steady growth, instead of putting the effort in, to really create massive momentum. In general, when a new launch happens, the company throws their business, out into the market and simply says; “Take it or leave it”. But not with Fuxion! They are continuing to make improvements, based on our feedback.

Fuxion Biotech Review for 1st year in the United States, and summary of changes;


As you know, Americans can be a bit, Nationalistic, meaning that some of them, did not like the fact that the Fuxion products were made in Peru. I had people say, “I only buy American”. Limited thinking stifles growth, but…

What did Fuxion do? Within a 6 month period, they built manufacturing facilities within the U.S. and now, all products are being manufactured in our country, and stamped “Made in the U.S.A” on our packaging! Problem solved!


The packaging, for Fuxion products, was good, but not where we wanted it, in the U.S.

Fuxion solved this also as all information on the packages, is in English, and, they created a sleek package that is easier to work with and raises the overall perception of quality!


Several products have been reformulated to adapt to U.S. Market evaluations. For example, the Non-GMO, Maltodextrin, is being phased out. Even though this type of Maltodextrin is NOT, the type that people avoid (U.S. Maltodextrin has genetically modified organisms in it), some people still didn’t like it, because of the name. Point being, they are phasing this out, and replacing with the Yucca Root. Obstacle removed!

Another example, is the reformulation of VitaEnergia…check it out here.

Plus, we have added two new Fuxion products, specifically, for the United States Market! Fuxion looked at the Market and said, “What are the most popular drinks, and top health issues?”, and let's develop a product to address both. Because Coffee, is the #2 drink in America, and, Obesity, is the top health offender, Fuxion created “C&C Fit”, which is a combination of Gourmet Coffee, AND Green Coffee Bean Extract (scientifically proven to burn visceral fat)! Plus, C&C Fit tastes absolutely fantastic, and below market equivalents, in terms of price!

The 2nd product released, was Youth Elixir, which promotes HGH production in the body. HGH is the key to “youngevity” and “longevity”. What this tells us is that the Company is truly willing to focus product development, on a country by country basis!


Alvaro Zuniga (Owner), is researching how to use essential oils, in the Fuxion products, as a protective layer that will allow the nutrients to pass into the gut, more efficiently,Fuxion Product Weight Loss and allow the body to absorb, even more, of the nutrients.

These products have changed many people’s lives, including me. I have lost, and kept off, close to 60 pounds now, and feel better, than I have since I was a kid, in terms of emotional and physical health. If you aren’t interested in the Fuxion business, at least get these products in your body, to experience the change!


On November 1st, 2016, the Zuniga brothers forced a ton of investment, to the front side of the compensation plan. To make it simple, they are basically “over paying” those of us, that are the Founders, of U.S. Fuxion!

The AVERAGE Network Marketing company, pays out 5-10% of one’s total U.S. Dollar volume, per month. With Fuxion, we are at 12%!

Note that this is available for anyone, and everyone, that is currently a Fuxioneur, or will be signing up in the future with us! They will be re-evaluating the comp plan after November 1, 2017, but do not BE SURPRISED if they make a few tweaks between now and then.

The change to the Fuxion Compensation Plan was named the “Founders Plan” for obvious reasons and you can check the entire pay plan out here.


If you have done any internet searches on Fuxion, you know that our Internet presence was not where it needed to be! Again, they launched into the U.S., not realizing the impact that the Internet has on decision making, in the United States.

In December of 2016, I sent a proposal showing Alvaro Zuniga and Randy Gage, what I believed, needed to be added to our exposure on the internet. Alvaro took this seriously, and started to make changes immediately;

*During 2017, we will have NEW replicating websites (that are mobile friendly also).

*We have a NEW Fuxion website, that is about 95% complete, but is live right now, that is www.fuxion.com ,which will replace www.fuxion.net. Our replicating websites will be connected to this also. Furthermore, www.usafuxion.net will no longer be needed as the new Fuxion website will contain all product information!

*Our Social Media platforms have BLOWN UP! They hired more Social Media experts to help increase our Social Media content and have been doing an awesome job with it! Just take a look at the Official Fuxion Facebook Page, for the United States! One of many enhancements the Company is doing to integrate Social Media into the marketing strategies!

*The Fuxion xTribe App has been UPGRADED. If you haven’t looked at it lately, more functionality with the ability to share on Social Media also. Plus, they added more videosFuxion Marketing Tools and content. Absolutely fantastic!

*Randy, and the other leaders of Fuxion, are doing another main “1st Look Video” that is going to help increase conversions also! That should be ready by Alumbra (beginning of June)! FYI-Alumbra is Fuxion's annual convention that takes place in one of Fuxion's countries. This year, more than 20,000 Fuxioneurs will be meeting in Panama City, Panama, for the yearly Fiesta!


I can not give you the specifics yet, but at Alumbra, Fuxion will be making a major announcement in terms of the Corporate Structure that U.S. Fuxion has. This, in and of itself, will propel Fuxion to another level! After discussions between top leadership and the Owners, they understood, that a big time Exec, needs to be running the show in the U.S., and we have that person in place, whom has top level experience, in building large MLMs, within the U.S.!  Tellin' ya, you want to be on this space ship, when it breaks out of the atmosphere!


Fuxion has decided to bring the Corporate Headquarters to the United States! Why, because the U.S., will be the hub to global growth!

In February of 2017, we launched Spain, and Argentina and, over the course of the next few years, we will be opening dozens of other countries, throughout Europe, Asia, Russia, and many other regions of the world.

If you have connections, in other countries, this set up will work to your advantage, big time. You can truly have, an international business set up! You have an opportunity to have an INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS and, when you are able to reach into other countries, it can create even that much more momentum as, especially in countries that are not 1st World, your business partners treat the business, like a business, because they don’t have the options we have here!


Randy Gage, and all of us leaders, are continually simplifying our Fuxion System, and we are at a place where we have a the system to plug people into, that is helping themFuxion Marketing Tools get that growth they are looking for!

Paul Devlin, his leaders, and I, are putting together a 6-8 video course, for new people, when they come in! We have already simplified the Fuxion system, to help create more duplication, but these videos, are going to make it even easier! Paul also created a way to work backwards, from a revenue goal, per month, to EXACTLY, what a Network Marketer needs to do, to eventually hit that monthly residual income number!

Fuxion Biotech Review Conclusion:

What is important, is for you to see the VISION of where Fuxion is going in order to evaluate if you are going to take full advantage of the lifestyle that Network Marketing can give us!

We are just getting started in the U.S., and are already ranked #85 in the world! Because many of you, are new to Network Marketing, one thing that may not be readily apparent, is the fact that, this situation, is a dream opportunity. Network Marketers look for a set up, like Fuxion HAS, for decades, and never find it! We have it, under our feet!

Point being, we are sitting on a gold mine, with the ability to helps thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to eventually millions of people, throughout the world!

The usual time, to build a walk away income (from our Just Over Broke), in Network Marketing, is 4 years. With Fuxion, we are predicting a 1 to 2 year build, and that can be done at 5+ hours per week! The key, is setting the expectations that, this doesn’t happen overnight, but if you come in, and put the TRUE effort and time in, there is absolutely no reason, that you can’t be at $5k to $10k, per month, of residual income, within the next year! Obviously, this is my opinion, but all financial indicators point towards these types of residual incomes.

The whole reason, I am communicating this Fuxion Biotech review is because I CARE! I am the type of person, that doesn’t just focus on enrolling people, and whatever happens, happens. It goes straight to my heart, in that, I want to see YOU succeed in this amazing Industry!

Seriously consider these words and don’t be that person that says,

“UGH, I LOOKED at that Company, at the beginning, and I quit!”.

Personally, I have learned to put my time and energy into those that are seriously engaged with their Fuxion business, but I wanted to make sure, ALL OF YOU, understood where we are in solid Network Marketing adventure!

Just give me a call at 866-992-5551, to take this on, with the rest of us! God bless! Ben

P.S.-EVEN if you are already in another Network Marketing company, you should, at least, take a deep view at the hugeness, that this Company is moving towards. I use a “Power Broker” strategy with those that are in other companies, that don't want to jeoporadize that income, but definitely want to take advantage of the Fuxion situation!