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Definition of Network Marketing


Visit us over at to learn all about a brand new business that is going to explode in the USA. Fuxion Biotech has the top Network Marketers in the WORLD coming on board to explode the growth of this business in the United States.

FuXion MLM Launch in United States FuXion IS THE CHOICE that we have landed on for our new Network Marketing company! Call me at 866-992-5551 if you have any questions! Ben Mueller”]

FuXion Biotech USA Products FuXion is a new Network Marketing company in the United States (8 years old in Latin America) and is doing over $150 Million in annual sales already! Products are made from the ingredients coming out of the Amazon Rain Forest. Video is to give you a brief overview of the products. Call us at 866-992-5551 if you would like to discuss.”]

How to Sign Up for FuXion


FuXion Sign Up Steps:
1) Prospect goes to your
2) Click Join
3) Select Country, click “Continue”
4) Click “Add to Order” $0, then “Continue”
5) Select your products! You can go to, scroll to the bottom and there is a listing of products and descriptions there so you can determine which products you would like. Then go back to where you were on the initial website (…) and select your products. Start at 20 points or 60 points (60 points opens you up to more income)
6) Go through the checkout process
7) Remember, your “Username” is what your /YourURL is
8) **Make sure to go to and sign up for the team’s newsletters

First video to watch:
Second video (career Network Marketers):