The FuXion business research group has done our analysis and have come to a decision in terms of which MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company to join! And the winner is…..(drum roll please)….FuXion! We are beyond thrilled to have finally reached a decision as to where we intend on staying for the rest of our days in the MLM Industry.

If you have been following Ben Mueller for these last 12 years, he has been with ONE company for his entire MLM career. But, as life would have it, staying with that company, was not meant to be. At the beginning of November, 2015, Ben, and a group of Network Marketing Professionals, started analyzing all nutritional based MLMs in the United States to truly determine; “What is the best nutritional based MLM in the country?”.

Methodically, this group of Professional Network Marketers, went through each of the MLM companies using a 29 point criteria to evaluate them. After a few weeks, we boiled it down to 20 companies to really dig into. After all analysis was in, we landed on FuXion! On top of blowing away the other companies in terms of the characteristics we were analyzing, the FuXion business is launching in the United States, in 2016, which means the true ability to build a legacy income for generations to come.

Furthermore, this MLM research group wasn't a group of people that didn't know what they were doing! Every member of the group has had huge success in MLM. And, just to give you an idea of who was in the group, one is a C.P.A., one an M.B.A., one a PhD (microbiology), two Nutritionists, and again, all being Professional Network Marketers that have proven they know what they are doing based on the incomes they have been able to achieve. Point being; we selected the FuXion business based on many years of MLM experience and success. The fact of the matter is; the FuXion business model was able to truly show us, that it had all the tangibles and intangibles, that an MLM company needs to have, in order to achieve success for all those involved.

  • 57% Net Payout
  • Randy Gage spearheading the launch in the United States in 2016
  • $150 Millions in Annual Sales (11 countries in Latin America)
  • Natural products from the Amazon Rainforest
  • Fully automated front end marketing system (duplication runs wild)

The FuXion business is launching in the United States in 2016, but is already in pre-launch which means revenue is flowing for those building their FuXion businesses!

So, what is FuXion all about? This Company, unlike the majority of launches in the United States, has already been operating in 11 countries in Latin America for 8 years, and is at $150 million in sales annually! This is a very important fact to look at as 95%+ of MLM companies out there, never get to $100 million per year, and FuXion has done it without the United States market…Phenominal!

Before coming to the United States, FuXion hired Randy Gage as their MLM Consultant to help guide their entry into the United States market, the right way! Randy spent the last 2 years consulting with FuXion and, on November 15, 2015, agreed to help the Company launch into the United States by joining the Company as one of its top Network Marketers…and this is a huge competitive advantage. Yes, Network Marketing rock stars like Randy Gage do not make a company, BUT, when they are present, it helps tremendously, in terms of overall predictable performance and belief level.

With that said, Randy Gage is also bringing his expertise on duplicable systems. In today's market, if an MLM company does not have a integrated internet based duplicable system, chances are, it's not going to go far. In the FuXion business, we have the top expert in duplicable systems, putting together the innovative, internet driven, FuXion marketing platform to help the Network Marketers grow their FuXion businesses efficiently, and effectively.

What about the FuXion products?  As you will see in the FuXion product catalog, these natural products are made from some of the most potent herbal extracts in the world! Produced from the heart of the Earth (Amazon Rainforest), these products can be a solid addition to your nutrition strategy and, at price points that aren't going to break the bank (see FuXion product price list)!

From a compensation standpoint, the FuXion business pushes out a 57% Net Payout! For those of you that are not familiar with Net Payouts, it is the percentage of money that is paid to the Network Marketers versus total revenue. To give you and idea of an average Net Payout, the majority of Network Marketing companies pay out around 38%. Because FuXion has its own manufacturing facilities in Lima, Peru, the Company is able to pay out an exceptional amount back to the Network Marketers of the Company because they aren't taking the hit from 3rd party manufacturing facilities! Take a look at the full FuXion compensation plan to learn more! To summarize and for those MLM nerds out there, the FuXion business compensation plan is a hybrid comprised of Binary and Unilevel Compressed attributes.

In terms of marketing tools, FuXion is set to have the most innovative tools available to date. With Randy Gage's expertise leading the way, FuXion Marketers will have access to front end internet based tools that will easily flow prospects through the information. On top of the funnels, each person will have access to an App where they can be plugged into their business 24/7. When having tools like this, momentum is easily achieved through efficiencies.

Instead of continuing to ramble on, sit back and watch the FuXion United States launch video presented by Randy Gage and Ben Mueller on the FuXion business model..

FuXion is the Company that, many of us, have been waiting for! We have a United States launch, the right products, compensation plan, and leaders. The question is; are you going to let this one slip by you once again? These opportunities do not come around very often and there isn't anything like a Network Marketing company that is exploding in the market…everyone wins!


If you would like to join Ben Mueller, Randy Gage, and scores of other serious Network Marketers, the time is now!


Note: Success in Network Marketing is directly correlated to one's effort. Not everyone will, nor should they, build massive amounts of income


If you are ready to join the XTribe during FuXion's launch in the United States, o vivir en uno de estos países; Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, o Mexico…take the following steps:


-Click on “Join”… and select your country, click “Continue”

-Click “Add to Order” $0, then “Continue”

-Select your products! You can go to FuXion price list and there you can determine which products you would like. Then go back to the website and select your products. Start at 20 points or 60 points (60 points opens you up to more income)


-After you have joined, make sure to visit and sign up for the team’s newsletters and contact us at 1-800-993-4268 so we can get moving!