To achieve the optimal wellness your body is truly capable of, you’ll want to experience the FuXion line of nutrition and wellness products. This extraordinary line of functional beverages, anti-oxidant-rich coffees, and nutrient-packed teas is made from more than 1,500 active ingredients extracted from the heart of the Amazon.

The Amazon is the lifeblood of our planet, the richest tropical forest in the world in terms of biodiversity.  It is home to millions of unique species of flora and fauna; many that can be found nowhere else.  FuXion is committed to protecting this vital resource, while bringing you the natural goodness it contains.

FuXion combines the knowledge of ancient cultures with the latest scientifically advances in biotechnology to create a unique concept: Nutraceutical Fusion.

As a result, FuXion has created 4 lines of products designed to help you improve your physical health making it possible for every human being to be at your maximum potential. 4 Lines of products focused to develop the concept of healthy projects.

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BioPro X Active


BioPro X Active protects you and your family’s immune system

NEW BioPro X Active is available in Vanilla with Cinnamon & Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Enriched with DHA and ARA, Coconut Oil, Vitamin A, B Complex, Vitamins C, D, and E, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc to enhance your immune system!

  • Allows a better and faster  assimilation of the essential amino acids.
  • Promotes a better cell regeneration and tissue renewal.
  • Better results in the development of your mind and body.
  • Protects the immune system
biopro-x-active-fit-fuxion-usa-14-packbiopro x axctive fit protein fuxion usa

BioPro X Active Fit


BioPro X Active Fit. Lose weight and inches, while toning your muscles faster.

NEW BioPro X Active FIT is available in Vanilla with Cinnamon & Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Enriched with Malabar Tamarind, L-carnitine, Vitamins, B Complex, and Minerals to make you look and and feel better in less time!

  • Helps you look slimmer in less time.
  • Offers an increased feeling of fullness.
  • Lets you tone your body faster.

BioPro X Active Sport


Increases your muscular mass in less time and improve your physical performance!

NEW BioPro X Active SPORT is available in Vanilla with Cinnamon & Chocolate with Hazelnuts

This smooth and tasty beverage is created with 100 % vegetable proteins, which help to increase muscle mass and strengthen your body so that you get to the next level.

Enriched with Branched-Chain Amino Acids from a Vegetable source, Vitamins, and Minerals to enhance your sporting performance!

  • Promotes muscle mass building.
  • Improves sports performance.
  • Promotes elasticity and resistance.

The world’s first live protein of plant origin with the same bioavailability as animal protein.




To improve memory and enhance concentration and mental performance drink ON

When you are experiencing one of those situations when you really need to be on mode, you’ll love the ON iced tea. It’s a natural blend of herbal extracts, vitamins, amino acids, green tea, acai berry, camu camu, essential fatty acids and stevia. ON stimulates brain function, fights fatigue, and allows you to focus and concentrate longer.

Off by Fuxion USA



Manage tension and stress with Off to stay relaxed and calm

When you want to be relaxed, yet still focus, the OFF iced tea is exactly what you need. OFF helps manage tension and stress so you can relax. It contains a unique amino acids mix, and a natural combination of herbal extracts, vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, stevia, and calcium from milk. Drink a glass of OFF during the day when you need to concentrate and de-stress, or after dinner to ensure a great night’s sleep.




Reactivate your intestinal tract gently and naturally without discomfort with RGX1

If you’re dealing with chronic or occasional constipation, FuXion’s RGX1 formula will help reactivate your intestinal tract gently and naturally, without discomfort. It contains a special combination of herbal extracts, including tamarind and star anise to keep you regular.




Veramas hot tea is an excellent source of nutrients to nourish your immune stystem, and help you achieve optimal health

This hot tea is an excellent source of nutrients to nourish your immune system, and help you achieve optimal health. Veramás contains Aloe Vera, camu camu, vitamin C and amino acids. Complemented with Wellmune®, immuno-enhancer based on beta glucans, which is clinically proven to enhance immune function.


Flora Liv


Good health and vitality begins in your gut! Each serving of this tasty drink made with passion fruit pulp will deliver more than 10 billion live probiotic bacteria to your intestines. There they activate your body’s natural defenses, improving the immune system.


Liquid Fibra


If you want to get or stay healthy, it’s vital that you keep things moving through your digestive system. Simply dissolve one sachet of Liquid Fibra in a glass of cold water and stir well. It nourishes the intestinal flora in your digestive tract to keep you regular. It contains dietetic and prebiotic fiber (inulin chicory), along with extra vitamins and minerals.




Keep your carbs under control with delicious TE NOCARB, improve the metabolism of sugars and raise your energy level

Keep your carbs under control with delicious Te NoCarb. It improves the metabolism of sugars and raises your energy levels. It may also help to reduce and slow the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. Contains yacón and soy extract, chicory inulin, green tea and soluble fiber