Liquid Fibra FuXion Biotech Weight Management

FuXion Liquid Fibra

If you want to get or stay healthy, it’s vital that you keep things moving through your digestive system. Simply dissolve one sachet of Liquid Fibra in a glass of cold water and stir well.  It nourishes the intestinal flora in your digestive tract to keep you regular. It contains dietetic and prebiotic fiber (inulin chicory), along with extra vitamins and minerals.*

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Sign Up Steps:
1)    Prospect goes to your FuXion Replicating Website (
2)    Click Join
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4)    Click “Add to Order” $0, then “Continue”
5)    Select your products! You can go to the FuXion Products page, scroll towards the bottom and there is a listing of products and descriptions with videos there so you can determine which products you would like. Then go back to where you were on the initial website (…) and select your products. Start at 20 points or 60 points (60 points is the best option that opens you up to more income)
6)    Go through the checkout process
7)    Remember, your “Username” is what your /YourURL is
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