The FuXion Compensation Plan is a perfect combination of Uni-level Compressed and Binary pay plan characteristics and, with the timing of the launch of FuXion in the United States, this MLM opportunity promises to be one of the best gifts one could be given if you are interested in TRULY making it in Network Marketing!

MLM compensation plans are designed to drive behavior, the behavior of the company’s Network Marketers. Unfortunately, the majority of companies are unable to find the exact strategies, within the compensation plan, to create the momentum they seek. With the FuXion Compensation Plan, the various ways that people can earn income are put together, in such a way, that it does motivate people to build their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Just take a few minutes to watch the video below which explains the FuXion Compensation Plan from a high level…or call us at 1-800-993-4268 with your questions!

  • Ability to sign up a 2nd position immediately

  • Combination of Binary and Uni-level components

  • 15 ways to earn income

  • Customer purchases count towards the Marketer’s personal orders

  • Matching bonuses on your Uni-level organization

  • Break even point averages 5 new enrollments

  • Uni-level Compressed attribute gives the opportunity to be paid on your entire business

We will let the tools (videos and PDFs) do the explaining, but there is one concept that we want to make sure you understand in regards to the FuXion Compensation Plan; the combination of a Binary AND Uni-level Compressed in one pay plan…

Binary compensation plans tend to get a negative perception because most companies, that have a Binary, only have a Binary. Basically, with a Binary pay plan, the company positions itself to keep as much of the revenue as possible because they generally only pay on the weaker leg of the two legs that people build. Therefore, people lose a lot of volume with this type of payout.

With a Uni-level Compressed compensation plan, the Network Marketer is paid on all the volume that they are personally responsible for bringing in. It flows the income to those that are directly responsible for the sales (remember the concept of driving behavior?). Imagine having 25 people, that you have personally enrolled, and being able to create income based on all the orders that your direct enrollments purchase. The Uni-levels usually also allow for percentages of the enrollments of your direct Business Partners and further orders downline from you.

In the Network Marketing world, new Network Marketers tend to like Uni-levels because their break even point (amount of sales necessary to cover product costs) is low, whereas seasoned Network Marketers tend to like Binaries because of the volume in their organizations!

This brings us back to the FuXion Compensation Plan…it has both! 

With FuXion’s pay plan, we get the best of both worlds! The Binary element of the comp plan creates excitement as people are able to take advantage of “spillover” (people being put into their organization from above that they had nothing to do with). The Binary payout is set up like other Binaries, but here is the most important point; FuXion also has a Uni-level Compressed plan with FuXion which ensures that everyone is paid on their direct volume!

No more of the companies taking such a large slice of the pie because they are only paying on the weak legs…with the Uni-level part of FuXion’s Compensation Plan, that little hole in the plan is not there as the sales that people are responsible for, will be part of their income now.

What a fantastic concept! With FuXion, we truly have the ability to grow 2 organizations, one as the Binary, and one as the Uni-level. With that said, maximizing the FuXion Compensation Plan means personally enrolling as many people as you can, as either Business Partners or Customers, and helping them do the same. No more worrying about whether or not you will be paid for your work or which leg to put a person in!

If you need more information on FuXion’s pay plan, please visit the links below…

FuXion Compensation Plan Details:

FuXion Business Page

FuXion Compensation Plan PDF

Below are two more videos to help you understand more about FuXion and the launch into the United States. If you have any experience in Network Marketing at all, you will recognize Randy Gage, whom is the spearhead of FuXion into the United States. Luckily for us, we were able to come into FuXion directly under Randy…which means you have the same opportunity!

The FuXion Compensation Plan is uniquely positioned in the Network Marketing Industry and, with the combination of; product efficacy, product pricing, duplicable system, compensation plan, and Network Marketing leaders like Randy Gage and Ben Mueller, you have a very solid business model to become part of. Mix in the fact that the Company is launching now in the United States, and you have, quite possibly, the best MLM to ever hit the shores of the United States (and the globe for that matter).

The timing of FuXion is impeccable so don’t miss the ride!

If you have any questions, contact us at 1-800-993-4268